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FLIR Vue Pro

Hello everyone!

I have purchased the FLIR Vue Pro camera and made some tests. Unfortunately, I am not able to achieve a good quality orthophotomap. I have prepared everything very precisely and have no idea how to make a good quality materials in Pix4D.


I use FLIR cam with 19mm lens and make photos in TIFF format with 90% overlap and 75% sidelap. I make a manual georeferencing.


Hope to get any advice from you.


Best regards,



I don’t have any experience with the Vue Pro in P4D, but I would love to get some.


Would you mind sharing the data set? 


What kind of data set you mean? I have got .tiff images and a very poo quality orthophotomaps

I am also in contact with FLIR. I have sent materials and some information and now waiting for help.



I mean the pictures themselves. Would you be willing to upload them to Google drive or drop box and let me download them?

Here are the images from Vue Pro:

Thanks Kacper, I’ll play around with them


Kacper, May I try processing this imagery also?


Feel free!

Share the materials and settings if you get something with good quality.


Was there and gps data captured with the imagery?

I have prepared coordinates manually from the autonomous mission path. It’s quite precise:

First column is latitude, then longitude and the last one height above ground. I haven’t got data from IMU, because the camera was stabilized in 3 axis.




Time on the camera must be set as accurate as possible to UTC or local time.

GPS log file will need to be time stamped along with geo data so image/gps data can be combined for accurate processing.

GCP will be needed for best Geo-orthomosaic


I know that the time is necessary for processing, but now the Vue Pro don’t have the compatibility with mavlink, so the process of geolocation can be made only manually or with logger.

I am waiting for the camera update. Hope that it will be soon.

If you have any other ideas how to process images share please.

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Unfortunately RTK solutions for this type of data capture are not yet available yet.

I been using a small gps data logger with only ok results.

Thanks for the opportunity to process your data.

Hello Kacper Wronowski , could you please share again those images and coordinates?