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Feature suggestion: Vertices in the same height

Vertices on edges of a building structure often ment to be on the same level:

  • a ridge, the top intersection of two opposite adjoining roof surfaces

  • eaves, the intersection of the roof and the wall

  • parapet alongside a flat roof

  • handrails on a terrace

  • the terrace surface

I hope the program will make vektorizing such datails more effective.
Right now it gives us individual 3D-coordinates no matter whether is a line made by nature or by man.

In a dream scenario, when the polygon vectorizing is finished, the program should promt for input:
"Are the line vertices on the same level ? If the answer “Yes” then a second promt should appear:
"Which height should be assigned to them ? Height of the first/last vertex or an average ?

Later, if one of the vertices of such a polygon is inspected and the height is altered, the height of all other vertices should also change accordingly.