Assign hight by clicking in the point cloud

Hi. I don’t know if I would make me understand, but it should be awesome if we could assign height to a vertex by choosing a point in the point-cloud. We can edit it by coordinates, but sometimes when we digitalize, the corners of buildings or walls can be obstructed or with some noise in the point-cloud. It should be great that editing that height by just clicking next to the point in the point cloud that we know that it’s the same height of the vertex.

Hope I made myself understood

Hi @Jorge_Santos,

At the moment you are able to change the height of a vertex from a polyline by clicking on the vertex and then on the left side you can change the height of that vertex manually.
You could also try to clean up the pointcloud by deleting the pointcloud points that are not needed.

Let me know if I also understood correctly.


Hi. I know we can edit the coordinates (planimetric and altimetric) of one vertex or point in that dialog box. What I meant was automatically assigned that height by choosing a point in the point-cloud. It was much faster than lookig at the nearest “ground” height and then edit the point manually

Because when we are digitizing some walls or buildings, sometimes in the vertices there are some noise in the point-cloud, but 1 meter away the terrain is good. So we could assign the “good” height to the vertice quicly and not by reading the heigt of the ground next to the vertice, and then edit the vertice to the correct height

Hi @Jorge_Santos,

Maybe, what you are looking for can be done with the vertical adjustment tool.
This tool can assign all geometry vertices to a custom height or the highest, lowest, or middle point altitude. I would say that custom height fits your needs better.

There is more information about this tool in the following link: Editing geometry with vertex alignment

Please let us know if this information helps you or if you are referring to something else.

I am looking forward to your response.

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Hi. I’m aware off all those tools. What I meant was in one 3d Polyline we could adjust just one of the vertices by choosing in the point cloud one point with the same height we wanna “put” the vertice of the polyline done. By just clicking on the point cloud and the vertice automatically assumes that height

Hi @Jorge_Santos,

I am writing an internal feature request for the product team with all the details you share.
I will keep you posted about any updates, we will be receiving from the product team.

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