Elevation of line vertices when manipulating locations.

Is there a way (similar to in Mapper) to have a manually moved vertex be adjusted vertically to match the vertical value of that points triangulation? This works great in Mapper and could create a location that might even be more accurate than the points that are automatically rendered.

In the current configuration, it appears that when you manually move a vertex and messes up the elevation completely.

Hi @nick.moore,

It is a bit unclear to me on what you are trying to achieve.
Are you trying to change the elevation of a vertex but something goes wrong? Could you share a video with us?


Hi Nick,

Did you see that you can refine the location of the geometry in the images? That breaks the initial link to the point cloud, and depends purely on the calibration result. Is that what you are looking for? Otherwise, you can also just adjust the Z value of the vertex as needed from its properties.



Sorry fo the delayed response. Your suggestion is exactly what I am looking for. This was not working properly for me until I updated today. Previously, I would refine the locations just to have the elevations be way off of where the should be. All that said, it seems to be acting correctly now.



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