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Facade editing in Mosaic Editor?

Hello new friends!


I was wondering if there was a way to edit a facade in mosaic editor?  I’m doing a project that requires a side profile (side DSM) of my point cloud.  The current DSM was produced for the top portion of my point cloud.  This is obviously what mosaic editor was made for, but based on the fact that a facade and an orthomosaic is almost the same thing, I was wondering if I could edit it.


Thank you for your time!


Please help…



Hi A T.

Currently there is no such feature.
It has been suggested our developers and they took note of it and might implement it in future release. But at the moment we cannot guarantee anything.

Nevertheless, if you want to edit your orthofacade as an orthomosaic, I can recommend you a workaround
You should trick the software by changing the coordinates of your images in order to display them horizontally and then generate your orthomosaic. Then you should be able to edit it in the mosaic editor.

Hope this will help.


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Hi Marco,

Can you please describe how to change the coordinates of the images ?



Hi Kathryn,

You can upload a file containing the coordinates of your images by using this tool in the image properties window:


Hope this will help,