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Exporting .shp from Pix4D cloud

Trying to get an export of a shapefile to go into ArcGIS Pro. Doesnt seem to work. Getting a zipped file which looks to have the correct contents, but GIS wont see it as a shapefile.
Any ideas?

Hello David,

Would you please send a screenshot of the error on ArcGIS and the shapefile, if it is possible? In addition, if you could let us know more details regarding the shapefile, it would be helpful to find the cause of the issue. Thanks!

The file simply cant be opened or read. Im uploading here for you. This was an export from the Pix4D cloud. Uffcombe (5.3 KB)

Thank you for sharing the data. We test it with third-party software and it works. Please make sure the file is unzipped. If it still doesn’t work, would you please contact ArcGIS support for more info? It would be great if you could let us know their response.

I did try unzipping but didn’t seem to work. Can I ask what software you tested the .shp file with?

Works fine in Progecad 2021 and in QGIS

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It works with QGIS and Global Mapper on my end as well.