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Exporting Index Color Map with Arbitrary Coordinate System

As the title says, is there any way to export a color map of an index that’s referenced in an arbitrary system? I receive the following error:

[Warning]: Warning w9017: Unknown or arbitrary coordinate system conversion! Did you georeference your project?

Hey Ben,
You can change your output coordinate system to arbitrary. It is under Project/Select Output Coordinate System.

I didn’t have any trouble switching to the arbitrary system and geo-referencing my project, but when you click on export, you receive the error indicated above and generate no GeoTiff or JPG files.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your interest in Pix4D software.  I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into an issue with getting the Index color map to export. Would you mind uploading your project to the cloud so I can look at it directly? 

Still having this problem, was not resolved.


The reason for the failure is that the index map functionality can have multispectral images as input. In that case, all the bands have to be aligned and the software needs to have a coordinate system defined.
Even although, the thermal images have only one band, the software is still expecting to have a coordinate system. It is like a check that is needed for the processing.

There is an easy workaround, processing the complete project generating the reflectance map and the index maps.

Once they have been generated, the output coordinate system can be defined (any can be valid).
The software will ask to process again but it does not have to be done. Then the index map export functionality will work.
The only drawback is that the prj file contains the coordinate system which was defined but it can be deleted and substituted by the prj which is generated together with the reflectance map. The TFW is exactly the same and the coordinates are the same as the reflectance map.

Before doing it, I would suggest creating a copy of your Pix4d project file.



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