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Exif: Incorrect radiometric sensitivity


When I load a project, I always got the following warning for every image:
[Warning]: Exif: Incorrect radiometric sensitivity

I’m using Micasense Altum cemera and I’m sure that there is light sensor on the top of drone. So I’m confused about this warning. Can anyone help with this…

Thanks in advance!

Hi, The reason for this is that the thermal image contains Xmp.MicaSense.RadiometricCalibration XmpSeq 3 0, 0, 0 which is incorrect. However, there is no radiometric correction done for the thermal band, therefore the incorrect tag doesn’t have any effect. Newer firmware versions don’t tag any Xmp.MicaSense.RadiometricCalibration for the thermal band anymore and the error disappears. You will need to update your firmware.

Thank you! I’m clear now!