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Exception thrown: invalid stod argument


I’m trying to process from a video using Pix4D Mapper version 4.2.26 and when I hit ok on the video frame extraction message, I get the error code that says “Exception thrown: invalid stod argument”. The video I am using is a .mp4 captured with a SenseFly Albris maincam (38mp). We have tried the same video on another version of Pix4D (v3.1.23) on a different computer with the same error code.

I’ve searched the support page and Google as well and can’t seem to find a resolution. Anyone have any ideas?


Hi David. I would like to take a look at the video file. Is it something you can share in a google drive link or something comparable? Also ensure that your GPU driver is the newest and up to date by going to the manufacturer site. Windows updates usually dont get the latest versions.