Error as "Failed to read uncertainty data from." when start in step 2

Dear Best Support Team

I have just installed Pix4dMapper version 3.1.22 (only license I have) in my PC after reinstall Window OS.
I logged by using my ID and run the project as normal.
I found the error when finish step 1 (shown as picture above)
What is the cause and how I can solve this error?

Thank you in advance

Hi @vorraveerukornv,

Could you please send us the *.log file?
This will help us understanding what going wrong.
Thank you!

It still show the same error but when I wait it until finish, I got an expectation map form the process.

I just want to know what happen

Thank you for your help


So the error concerning the Schur function has to do with the computation of the uncertainties for the Quality Report and older versions of Pix4Dmapper. The good news is that this does not affect the quality of the reconstruction: it is only used in the Quality Report to draw the uncertainty ellipses. Therefore, in these projects the uncertainty ellipses will not be included in the Quality Report. :slight_smile: