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Doubt about coordinate systems.

I have a doubt regarding the coordinate systems, the Sirgas 2000 system has several zones. In the selection of the coordinate system of the images there are both sirgas 2000 and sirgas 2000 with some zone together. They could explain their relationships and differences.

HI Michel,

Thanks for your interest in Pix4D software.  There are 3 different places where coordinate system information is used within Pix4D software.

1.  Coordinate System for input image Geotags,

  1. Coordinate System for GCP data

3.  Output Coordinate System (by default set to the same as GCP coordinate system if GCPs are use, otherwise the same as the image geo.

The input image coordinate system is typically determined by the UAV GPS (which is normally WGS84) and the GCP Coordinate System can be “Arbitrary” or you can select from the internal database of available coordinate systems, or from the EPSG library or from a PRJ file.  If you visit you can check their extensive list of accepted coordinate systems from around the world and generate a specific .PRJ file  that can then be loaded into Pix4D.  The output coordinate system can be set using the internal list of options as well as via an EPSG code or specific .PRJ file.  When in doubt about coordinate systems, I would refer you to a local Surveyor.

We have a number of support articles that may be of some help as well:

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I hope this information is helpful. 

Best wishes,

Aaron Woods