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"don't turn off drone and controller until completed"?

Hi, just starting to give the app as pin on my iOS device. So far so good. After completing the mission and returning to home point, I’m getting the above message. What exactly does it mean ? What’s the controller ? The Pix4Dcapture app ? the hardware joystick of my mavic pro platinum ? What exactly is it doing ? Copying the 800+ images from my microSD card to my iPhone ? Is this necessary ? It’s actually a very long process and in the meantime I don’t dear to launch another mission.

Hi Nathanael,

When having this message, Pix4Dcapture is downloading the images from the drone SD card to the mobile device.
This option is activated by default on our application but it can be deactivated if not useful in the workflow you are doing. You can check the option “Sync automatically” in the general setting.
However downloading images on your mobile phone can enable you to quickly check the quality of the images acquired and if the mission was properly flown. On top of that, an option enable you to upload the images straight to the Pix4D Cloud to process them once they have been downloaded on the mobile device.


Thanks !