Does viDoc and Pix4Dcatch work with iPhone 15 Pro?

Will viDoc and Pix4Dcatch work on my iPhone 15 Pro?
The camera offset on the Pix4Dcatch app still seems to be unknown.

SP -Connect stopped making the SPC cases for the iPhone 15 Pro. They only make the SPC+ now. I’m told there will be a fix available at the beginning of the year that makes the vidoc compatible with the SPC+ case.

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I see that it still takes some time to use viDoc on the iPhone 15Pro.

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Currently, we are working on the full support of iPhone 15 Pro. This includes the support of the new SP Connect+ cases over the legacy SP Connect cases support.
Meanwhile, you can still use the iPhone 15 Pro with PIX4Dcatch, but it is necessary to manually measure the offset of the antenna and the phone’s camera. Feel free to refer to this article: How to measure the offset - PIX4Dcatch RTK

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So would we need to buy a SP Connect+ case and then use manual measurements for the camera in the interm?


Pix4D recently enabled the compatibility between viDoc, SPC+ and iPhone 15 Pro. We have a list with all the hardware configurations for iOS mobile devices: