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Does Pix4Dag support VARI algorithms?

Does Pix4D support the VARI algorithm to evaluate plant health.

Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index. Data is collected with a standard RGB Camera / Sensor.

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Hey Michael,
I don’t think VARI is a pre-defined formula in Pix4D however you can make your own formula in Index Calculator. I believe the formula for VARI is:
(Green - Red)/(Green + Red - Blue)

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Hello everyone;

I just tried to apply VARI formula in an RGB based proyect. When pocessed in the desktop version the algorythm seemed to work properly. However when I uploaded it to the cloud, it all went very strange, the ‚Äúindex map‚ÄĚ did not show a correct VARI map.¬†

Please help!

Hi Pedro,

Could you please share the URL of the project?

Hello Julie. Here it is:

Thank you!

If you tweak the histogram values of the VARI map, it should show correct index values as, I believe, the problem you describe is only related to visual display. You can apply a specific range in order to detect the areas on the map falling into that interval.

Does this help?


Interesting topic. 

I am able to obtain RGB-Vegetation indexes in desktop version but I do not know how to upload a VARI or TGI into the cloud… Could you please let me know how to do it? Thanks ¡¡

Hi Pedro,


Could you please let me know how you uploaded the VARI file? Thanks,



Hi Gonzalo,


On Pix4Dfileds Cloud, at the moment it is only the results under the NDVI folder are displayed on the cloud. In case you would like to display VAri you will first have to generate it and after replacing the file in the NDVI folder. 



The cloud processing works as following:

  • If you upload the images directly via the ¬†web uploader , the images will be automatically processed with¬†_Ag Multispectral Template.¬†_With this template, one is generating automatically NDVI that will further on be displayed on the Cloud.
  • If you upload via the¬† Pix4D Desktop ¬†application, then the cloud processing will respect the settings that you have selected within the software. Hence if with the software you have created your personalized indices¬†(e.,g. VARI) and opted for their generation then¬†they will be generated on the Cloud as well. However, they will not be displayed since it is only NDVI that we display at the moment. Following you will have to replace the file for visualization.¬†


To create your index, please see:

To automatically generate these indices while step 3 runs you will have to enable them as per the example below: