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DJI Zenmuse H20 series for M300

The new H20 series combines three cameras in one.

  1. 12 MP Wide Camera82.9° DFOV,
  2. 20 MP Zoom Camera 23× Hybrid Optical Zoom
  3. Radiometric Thermal Camera 640×512 px
    Not designed for photogrammetry, this general purpose camera has its challenges and this topic is for all those who want to solve them.

Have you ever created a map with the H20? I did a test with a road bridge With the 20 MP Zoom Camera 23× , and PixMapper’s step two keeps failing no matter what I try


Thanks for opening this conversation in the community. This will be very useful. If you can share with us a dataset, we would be very happy to test it. If it is not possible, then could you please share with us the pdf report?

Kind regards,

Hi Fernanda,
Thank you for your prompt response
I made many attempts in stepsone and two by adding several tie points and reoptimizing. Usually the tie point is good on four images and everything shifts if I add the point on a fifth one.
Here is the quality report, I can also send you the pictures (10), just tell me how to proceed
Test no 3_report.pdf (997.7 KB)


Thanks for sharing the quality report. In the following screenshot, you can see the initial images position (blue dot), and your flight plan the green lines. Unfortunatly this is not enough to find common points between the images (keypoints), and affects all the rest of the process.


For example, you can see here the overlap (read and yellow areas mean low overlap):

I suggest you increase the overlap that would definitly help the outputs. In this article we describe how much overlap you need depending on what you are mapping: