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I am having issue with processing images from DJI Matrice 210 RTK, I have upload to cloud and location is off, elevation is off, and location is sometimes going to Antarctica. I am in Greenville SC, using WGS 84 (EGM96) an NAVD 1983 South Carolina for post processing. GPS on DJI GO app is good, and location/positioning/orientation is also good. I flew the mission using PIX4D Capture and uploaded images to cloudpix4d. Can someone please help me out with this problem or the correct settings. Is this a common issue. I checked the EXIF file on the DJI files and they look good. But the longtitude is not negative as I suspect it should be.

I’ve not heard of this issue before, hard to say what went wrong. Do you have a link to the faulty project on the Cloud? If not, the project name and the account on which you uploaded the images should allow me to find it, so that I can have a closer look.