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DJI Matrice 100

Will the Capture App also support the Matrice 100?  The M100 is very similar to the I1 and it is also more of a mapping UAV compared to the I1 especially due to the extended flight times.

Hello Kyle,

Regarding the Capture App, we are currently working on integrating DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 before we can start to have a look at DJI Matrice 100. Unfortunately it is currently too soon to give more precision about this drone. But it is very likely that we will support a configuration of this drone since a SDK is available.

In the meantime Pix4Dmapper can process images captured by any UAVs or cameras (compact, DSLR, large frame and perspective, or fisheye lens). So it is possible to process images taken with the DJI Matrice 100. The only requirement from our side is to have images in JPEG or TIFF formats.

Best regards,

Do you have any updates regards Matrice 100 on Pix4Dcapture app (iOS)?


 I am also wondering if you have support for the Matrice 100 with the x5 camera and the xt camera.

Same here, with M100 with Zenmuse X3. Would be nice to know the timetables for these upgrades.

Hi Oliver, Troy and Henri,

The DJI Matrice 100 drone supports DJI SDK 3 that is integrated to the iOS version of Pix4Dcapture.

We have not tested this drone even though it is in our pipeline, but we expect that the app works with DJI Matrice 100 since we support SDK 3. If you wish to give it a try, we would be very interested in having your feedback.
Here are the release notes of the latest iOS version:

Note that the SDK 3 will come soon on Android, our developers are working on it since it is a top priority.

News and updates will be posted on our forum here:
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Hi All,

I noticed Pix4D capture supports now Matrice 100 (now in Drones list),

But do you support only standard cameras (X5 or X3 NDVI)  or is it possible manage some different sensors or cameras  

as Matrice 100 key point is to possibly adapt many cameras ?




Hi Benoit,

Our developers are working on the M100 with a X3 camera, but we expect that it works with other DJI cameras like the Zenmuse X5 or XT. We cannot guarantee that it will work with non DJI cameras but you can still give it a try, the app might not be able to trigger the shutter.

If you wish to test it, we will be glad to read your feedback.




Does Pix4d Capture support Matrice100 or Inspire with Z3 camera?




Hi Mario,

Yes, Pix4Dcapture Android and iOS apps both support DJI Matrice 100 and Inspire 1 with the X3 camera.
The list of compatible drone is detailed here:

Please carefully read our getting started procedure before starting to use the app:




Please note that my question if about the Zenmuse Z3  which is not in that list. The Z3 camera is based on the X3 although it also includes a zoom…which by the way, may affect the photogrammetry process?

Hi Mario,

Sorry I misread :).

The Zenmuse Z3 was not tested with our app so far. It is expected to be compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS Pix4Dcapture but we cannot guarantee it. We think it would behave like the X5 meaning that the images will be triggered but the mission will probably not sync at the end even though this is not a problem for processing the flight with Pix4D desktop.

If you wish to give it a try, we will be glad to read your feedback.


no worries, thanks a lot for the answer!


when you say they won’t sync, what do you exactly mean? Will I need to manually copy the p4d file and images to the Pix4d mapper workstation?

Synchronizing consists in generating the .p4d file and transferring the images from the drone to the mobile device.

However, it is still possible to process from scratch and create a new Pix4D project on your local machine by importing the images saved on the drone. For more help on how to proceed (Option C):

Note that processing with or without the .p4d file does not make a difference in terms of results with Pix4Dmapper. For more information:

Let us know how it goes :).



I am afraid option C does not add any value! basically it means copying pictures from the drone and then process them withouth geotag, as I understand? The advantage that the app provides is the integration of the whole process…

Could you verify somehow that the app would generate the p4d file, with the geolocations, as you suggest with the Z3 gimbal please?



Hi Mario,

The images have the correct geotags, so no need to worries about the geolocation. Since you import the images into a new project with Option C, the software will extract the coordinates from the images to geolocate the project.

Only Phantom 2 Vision(+) requires the .p4d file generated by the app to have accurate georeferencing.

I understand that following Option C is less straightforward compared to the whole integrated process (Option A), but in terms of results with the software, one or the other option does not make a difference.