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[desktop] [Pix4Dmapper] Project type for Tetracam microMCA

Hello to everyone,

to process Tetracam microMCA06 imagery I experienced as better to create new project as ‘New project with camera rigs’.

By the way, in I do not understand why for each reflectance band two additional bands called as ‘garbage’ are produced. Moreover, each reflectance band has 3 band, thus is not a single band file easy to manage in other software environments.


Thank you in advance



Can you have a look at this ( and follow the workflow if you have not already? The exif of the images might not be correct. If you still face any issues, you can create a support ticket and send 10-15 images to us.


we follow your suggestion to create a support ticket sending you images and other useful files (*.p4d, log file, etc.).
By the way, maybe in your message you missed something to attach, otherwise I do not understand what ‘Can you have a look at this’ means.



Hi Giuseppe, I apologize! I just added the link of the support article in the reply above.