Design overlays ordering

Hi All

When doing Design overlays on pix4d cloud I rearrange them to how I want them to appear for the client yet when I log back in next time they are all over the place again??

Any help on this as it would be nice to have them in a specific order and stay that way??



Hi Mat,

When you rearrange a set of design overlay layers to how you want them to appear for the client, the specific order you choose is expected to persist when you or anyone else logs back in next time.

With the understanding that something else could be at play, the most likely reason the order of the design overlay layers does not stay the way it was set is that the order was set while accessing the dataset with its can view and measure link.

To get the order of the design overlay layers back on track as soon as possible, please:

  1. Go to PIX4Dcloud.
  2. Login with the Pix4D account that owns the dataset.
  3. Open the dataset.
  4. Confirm that the bottom right corner states All changes saved, not Read-only, to confirm that you have permission to edit the dataset.
  5. Make a few changes to the order of the design overlay layers.
  6. Refresh the page while bypassing the cache to reload the dataset from scratch.
  7. Note the order of the design overlay layers.

At this point, the order of the design overlay layers is expected to be identical to the order you set during step 5. If that’s the case, the next time you change the order of the design overlay layers, please make sure you are accessing the dataset with permission to edit the dataset and not as a guest who has read-only access.

One quick way to access a dataset as its owner instead of as a guest is to delete the dataset’s share token from the URL. For example, a standard dataset URL looks something like, simply erase the question mark and everything that follows the dataset’s ID, so the URL looks something like

Please let us know if the dataset’s design overlay layers’ order persists after you refresh the page.

On the other hand, if the order of the dataset’s design overlay layers does not persist after it’s been set using the dataset’s owner’s account, please let us know the name or ID of the dataset so we can investigate further.

Looking forward to hearing from you.