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Curved parts in the orthophoto.

Hi there,

Im getting curved parts on my orthophoto.
I just flew at 60 m height, 80%-80% overlap using pix4d capture. Speed was 3.30 m/s.
Shutter speed at 1/1000.

I wasnt getting curved or rounded parts on my orthophotos before.
What could I be doing wrong?
Im going to share the quality report.
Thank you.

Project-2021-03-09_reportp4.pdf (2.1 MB)


In the Quality Report, I can’t spot the problem.

Could you please provide us with more screenshots illustrating the issue?

Also, is there any reason why you chose the Ag template to process this urban project?


Hi Beata,

My mistake I selected Ag template. However, i have the same issue with using 3D maps and 2Dmaps.
Here are some screenshot


Thank you for your help, Beata.

Thank you for the images. It helps us to understand the issue. The orthomosaic is generated using the DSM that comes from the 3D densified point cloud. When computing the 3D point cloud, the altitude of the points will not be perfectly estimated, so there could be distortions on the roof edge of a building. In that case, you can use the tool “Mosaic Editor” to improve it. For more information on how to use “Mosaic Editor”, please visit the links below. The pages describe the steps to edit the orthomosaic.

Warm regards,