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CTRL+DJI wont work with DGI GO 4 with MAVIC 2 PRO

Hello guys,

Anyone face the same problem with me? I am using android phone. When I have only DJI GO 4, I can open the app normally and when my drone is on, the app automatically connected to my drone.

Then I install CTRL DJI and PIX4d. When I open CTRLDJI, it connecting to my drone, however DJI GO 4 just cant detect my drone anymore. I can still fly mission using CTRL DJI and PIX4D, its just that I cannot control my drone at all because DJI GO 4 went dark. I can only use DJI GO 4 after uninstalling CTRL DJI. Can anyone help me on this? thanks!!

Oh when I can connect to DJI GO 4, CTRLDJI app will not connect with my drone…

Hi @Musizian,

Can you please have a look at this community post and check what is suggested?