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Crash with DJI inspire 1

I experienced the app failing to carry out the double grid mission. It uploaded, began to enter the grid pattern, failing to take any photos, and lost signal and crashed mt Inspire1. It appears as though this has happened to others as well. Please advise. I need to know if I need to discontinue using this app. I am currently in the process of trying to repair my aircraft

Hi Warren,

We are very sorry to hear about this bad experience.

Actually the drone is responsible for not destroying itself (i.e. not going out of control). The app tells the drone where to go, when to take pictures, and when this does not work this is due to issues from our side. But our app is not responsible when the drone crashes. The app uses high-level controls. We say “Go to longitude X, latitude Y, altitude Z”. We do not give instructions that would override the safe behavior of the drone. In fact we are not able to interfere with that. The app only provides a list of points where the drone should fly.

In any case, it got out of control and it should not. If it happens, it is coming from the drone, because the drone is the “driver” meaning the drone knows how to fly. Normally taking over manual control should prevent incidents from happening.

Were you able to take over manual control? Have you tried to tap the Abort button to interrupt the mission? Is the latest drone’s firmware installed? A new one was recently released on December 15th (v1.10.1.40).

Again we are very sorry for your drone. I hope these answers will be useful to understand what happened. If you have any doubts on the optimal workflow to follow with the app, you can refer to our getting started: