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Correcting vertices

Hello, I am using scale constraint in my project. I am trying to correct the vertices. However, in some of the pictures, it is totally off location. Is there a way to delete these images from the correction. I have uploaded an example. The top image is correct, the bottom 2 are incorrect.

Hi @Fia,

May I ask if you followed instructions from this article?

After inserting the 2 vertices in the pointcloud In the Selection section of the right side bar, enter the Initial Length .
Then set your cursor on top of the green x point on the images. Then you can move it anywhere in the image. Have in mind that each vertex that is marked on at least two images is taken into account in the Initial Processing if it is processed again or in the reconstruction if it is Reoptimized.

I hope you find it helpful.


Thank you. Yes I did add the correct length after I had finish correcting the vertices like the article said. But for some reason, when I tried correcting those two images at the bottom, a pink cursor came up and it wasn’t correcting when I tried after I clicked apply.


After clicking on 2 images, an outlier is indicated with a pink cross when the point is erroneously marked on other images. Can you share a video with me of the issue. After seeing the pink cross can you select Apply?
Have in mind that you need to select the points in all images you want first and then select Apply.


I tried uploading the video, but it kept saying error. After seeing the pink cross, I cannot select apply.


Can you please upload the video to this link:

Please let me know when you upload it.


Thanks Nikoleta. I have uploaded it