Coordinates format drone / GNSS different

The drone saves the coordinates to the images in “degree” format.
For the ground points I can export the coordinates in the same format with my GNSS system. If I then import this text file with the coordinates of the ground points into Pix4D, the program does not adopt the coordinates in “degrees” but in “meters”.
Of course that doesn’t add up.
I can’t find a setting in Pix4D to change the format of the ground points.
Can someone help me here?
Attached are a few more pictures.

Koordinaten Kopie.tif (988.1 KB)

Hallo @krueger_dennis,

Welcome to the Pix4D Community :handshake:

The coordinate reference system (CRS) of your images is detected automatically. If this matches the CRS of your images metadata, you can keep it like this.

The CRS selected in the Ground Control Points (Passpunken) manager window is not the correct one and you need to select Edit… (Bearbeiten…) to select the correct one.

The correct CRS to select will depend on the one used while acquiring the points.

Make sure you select a CRS in lat, long image instead of one in x, y coordinates image.

Let me know how it goes.