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Coordinate System chosen doesn't work with Map View

When setting up a project, the program will select a coordinate system, for example:

NAD_1983_StatePlane_Kansas_South_FIPS_1502_Feet (deprecated)

If I type in NAD83 / Kansas South (ftUS) (ECM 96 Geoid), the Map View goes blank and all camera shots seem to be lost.

Why doesn’t the latter coordinate system work? The program pulls up a long list for a lot of states so it’s not an unknown coordinate system. What does 1502 Feet (deprecated) mean?

Hi lwiese,
Just to confirm, are you changing the output coordinates to the NAD 83/Kansas South? Or are you trying to change the image coordinate system in the Image Properties Editor? If it is the latter then by changing the images coordinates it will cause the map to go blank. The images should be left in WGS84 as this is what the drone will record the positions in.

Okay. I’ll leave that as is.

Regarding the auto detected coordinate system the program selects (in the Select Output Coordinate System prompt), I can’t seem to find any information on what “_FIPS_1502_Feet (deprecated)” means. Can you explain or define this?

Thanks for the help.

Sorry for not answering the FIPS questions. It stands for Federal Information Processing System. FIPS codes are numbers which uniquely identify geographic areas I believe originally implemented by Esri as a unique identifier for each stateplane coordinate system.

The deprecated means that it has been superseded by a more recent version which is typically more accurate.