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Control Points for building modelling

I want to create an accurate 3D model of a building exterior using Phantom 3 imagery (12 mega pixel stills with 80-90% overlap). I will use a Trimble R10 GPS to survey ground control points close to the building for georeferencing and accuracy.

If I also use a highly accurate total station to survey targets placed on the building and assign these coordinates to the corresponding point in the photogrammetric point cloud, will it increase the accuracy?

Thank you


if you have control points on the ground (around the building, not just one side) you will have good accuracy in the XY plane, but if you want the building’s height to be accurate, you will need points in the Z dimension so yes, having accurate points on the roof will help the software to accurately calculate the height.

Having GCP on the ground and on the roof tops would be optimal as  ignatius krogh stated.