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Confusing output from cloud processing of a roadway scan

I recently flew a mission along a roadway with a Phantom 3 Standard.  When I uploaded the images to the Cloud for processing, my output looks like this:


This is the fifth flight I’ve done along this stretch of roadway and I haven’t had this issue in the past.  Note that I’ve also tried processing this dataset in Desktop with GCPs but a similar output is produced.  Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Hayden, 

After looking at your project, I see an error on the initial camera optimization process. I would recommend a few changes in calibration methods to improve your results.

  1. Calibration Method: Alternative (Optimized for aerial nadir images with accurate geolocation, and relatively flat terrain for example)
  2. Internal Parameters Optimization: All Prior (Forces the optimal internal parameters to be close to the initial values.)


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That made a world of difference, thank you so much!