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Combining Pix4D with other software

Hi all,

I am flying a DJI Phantom 4 Pro and I have a problem with post-processing. There is a large set of photos (around 11 000) but half of them are taken with Pix4D mobile app, and the other half – with Drone Deploy. The problem occurs when I align photos with Pix4D Mapper software. Is there somebody who successfully has combined images from both mobile applications? The problem is in vertical position.

Thank you in advance

Hi Tim,

The GPS of the drone is not precise that might be the reason you are getting different altitude values between Pix4Dcapture and the Drone Deploy. There are multiple ways to deals with the issue.

  1. Adding the GCPs should alight your map.
  2. Make an individual project for each image acquisition software and merge it by adding some MTPs in the common area. How to merge projects.
  3. Manually editing the altitude value using the Pix4Dmapper. To do so, follow the steps explained in the support article HERE.

In my view, the easier option would be the third method.