Combining orbit into NADIR projects introduces noise

* Desktop

* Pix4Dmapper 4.3.4


I have noticed that a project based on imagery from an orbit will create a lot of noise after step 2 because as it is rotating about one point portions of the background are very far away and the points created are not very accurately located. That is normally fine because you can either delete the points or create a processing area for the points that are in your area of focus.

My problem begins when I combine a project that includes an orbit and a NADIR mission. The orbits background noise gets carried over into the new project even when a processing area is established before they two projects are combined.

I have tried process filters under the Advanced tab for step 2 such as Limit Camera Depth, use processing area, and changing window size from 7X7 to 9X9.

Looking closely at the noisy points it seems that the images from the orbit where the background is very far away it is still recognizing points and reconstructing points that are very far off in the background.

Is there a strategy or process that will keep those noisy background points from showing up in the final combined PIX4D project?


Thanks for the help!


Hi Austin,

You can apply a new processing area after merging the sub-projects and it will be taken into account from step 2. You can also edit the whole point cloud at the end of step 2 to remove remaining noise.

Note that the merging workflow only combines the results of step 1 from the sub-projects. Results of steps 2 and 3 cannot be merged. Steps 2 and 3 need to be processed after merging the sub-projects. If you have any doubt, you can refer to this article: There is also a nice video at the top of the page.