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Combining a Pix4D Point Cloud to create a 4D render in a program like Lumion?

My goal is to create a 4D render of the terrain of an existing area (using Pix4D) and I want to add a 4D/BIM model of a building (that is currently unbuilt) in the area that it is scheduled to be built within that terrain captured by Pix4D. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? Can I export the Pix4D Point Cloud (las, xyz) into another program that supports these files? I want to use Lumion but I don’t think it supports 3D files from Pix4d and visa versa? Can I import a 3D file of the unbuilt 3D model into Pix4D? If so, what files types are compatible and does it need to be geo-referenced? Thanks and any advice would be much appreciated.