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Clarksville Home, 3D model by Nathanael Showalte from Hover Solutions

Hi there!

Good #3DMonday to everyone!

Today, we share the 3D model of a house, Nathanael Showalter, COO at Hover Solutions created after attending a Pix4D workshop.

Sketchfab link: 

“Using techniques learned at a Pix4D workshop, selecting a day with good lighting, using specific camera and drone flight techniques, and manually cleaning the point cloud, we were able to achieve a clear, well-defined image of the property with an accuracy we’ve never had before, and in a much shorter amount of time.

We expect to use these techniques for our clients with subjects ranging from single-family houses to construction sites, to public infrastructure like bridges and cellular relay towers.

The photographs for this model were collected with the Phantom 4 Pro Plus, flown using the automatic Point-of-Interest orbit for the majority of the photos, with a few manual maneuvers to collect close-up data for the problem areas like the front porch and back deck.” Nathanael Showalter, COO, Hover Solutions.

Explore it, and feel free to share your comments and your own models!

Pix4D team