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Challenges with updating software in the field - Anafi, FF6, Pix4Dcapture

After not operating an Anafi for a few months, in February 2021 I erred by not fully checking every app before leaving for the remote location. Once on site, my short flight with FF6 to verify treetop height was successful. Then I tried to open Pix4Dcapture to view the flight plans (Projects) which I had planned back in my office. I use an iPad 9.7 with a hardware adapter to the Anafi controller.

Pix4capture opened briefly, then closed. This was a new experience for me. I went down various troubleshooting paths in an attempt to discover the root cause(s). In this case, there was no help from Pix4D’s troubleshooting webpages or community forum posts. I first ruled out a problem with the iPad. Then I opened FF6 and discovered that a firmware update was available (no alert popup; I just noticed the tiny indicator in bright sunlight…). Fortunately I was able to connect to a friendly WiFi router nearby to update the Anafi firmware (poor map tile and other file transfer speed with Verizon Wireless Hotspot service on my iPhone). I still could not use Pix4Dcapture, so I also updated Pix4Dcapture. I was in a hurry and updated without preserving current Projects (my fault).

The next experience was discovering poor quality map tiles. I switched to Apple map tiles and they weren’t much better. Later, back in my office, I discovered the threads which mention the use of this URL to change to Google map tiles as default for satellite images:{x}&y={y}&z={z}&s=Ga

Maybe my experiences will be used by Pix4D staff to update the Troubleshooting/er advice.

From now on, before leaving my office, I intend to update FF6, then the Anafi, then Pix4Dcapture. All three.