ANAFI USA & Sky Controller USA not connecting

I am having issues connecting my ANAFI USA to pix4d capture on my sky controller USA. Any suggestions?

Hi, I’m having the same issue. Did you found a solution?

Hi @nicholas.buckalew99 and @jmontanez

  • Can you make sure other flight planning apps are completely closed (process stopped) before you open PIX4Dcapture. If FreeFlight or another app is running in the background, it can cause connection issues. The usual workflow is to (1) open FreeFlight, (2) select your preferred setting, e.g. security protocals, etc., (3) close FreeFlight then (4) open PIX4Dcapture.
  • Are you having similar issues with PIX4Dscan? This is our new flight application and it also supports the Anafi USA.