Can't Choose DJI Camera

Can someone  please explain why I can’t choose the DJI X7 camera in options?

Hi Matthew,

The DJI X7 camera is not officially supported by Pix4Dcapture at the moment so it can not be selected in our application.

However on the iOS version of Pix4Dcapture, by doing the followings, you should be able to trigger correctly pictures. Note that it has not been tested so we can not guarantee that it will work.

  1. In DJI manufacturer app (DJI GO, DJI GO4), set a timelapse if the option is available. It won’t be possible to make it work if the option is not available.
  2. Quit the manufacturer application, open Pix4Dcapture and set a custom camera. The important step is to have the same timelapse defined in Pix4Dcapture and in the manufacturer app.
  3. Start the mission.

Let me know if it can work for you.


It is puzzling to me that this camera is not officially supported though it’s been out for months. It seems that pix4d these Engineers are dragging their feet on important issues that we the users would like resolved.