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Cannot change custom Raster DTM Resolution

I want to change the output rater DTM to have a resolution of 0.5m (50cm) for a large area. I can do this no problem on the DSM, but when I try to put the value ‘50’ into the custom DTM resolution, it always defaults back to 5. I have tried multiple values but they all just default back to 5 when I click out of the box.

Any suggestions for this or is it a bug?

Hi and welcome to Pix4D’s community.

Under normal circumstances, you should be able to set the custom raster DTM resolution processing option to any value between 5 and 10,000 centimeters (0.05 and 100 meters).

To make sure we’re on the same page, my understanding is you:

  1. Are working with PIX4Dmapper 4.6.4. More information about what version of PIX4Dmapper you are working with is available under Help > About….
  2. Enter 50 cm/pixel under Custom for Raster DTM Resolution but have found that the value automatically reverts to 5 cm/pixel when you click on any other button or tab in the processing options menu.
  3. Have found that the value has automatically reverted back to 5 cm/pixel when you click OK in the processing options menu immediately after you enter 50 cm/pixel and then reopen the processing options menu.

If all of those statements are true, please share a copy of:

  1. The project’s .p4d file. The .p4d file is stored in the same location as the project’s results folder. One of the fastest ways to navigate to that location is to click Open Results Folder under Process and then navigate one folder up.
  2. The project’s log file. The log file is stored in the project’s results folder. Once again, you can open the results folder by clicking Open Results Folder under Process.
  3. Either a screen recording of the processing option reverting back to 5 cm/pixel or a screenshot of the behavior immediately before and after the processing option changes.

In the meantime, you can double-check the status of your PIX4Dmapper license by logging in with your Pix4D account credentials at

Looking forward to hearing from you.