Can someone please explain to me why is my camera is not all in green colour triangle and it has blue and red triangle? tq

The red triangles are uncalibrated cameras and would need to be calibrated using the editor. The blue triangles are the GPS positions of the camera. The green ones are the calculated position by Pix4D. It woule seem that you have an area of bushes/grass. This does not work very well with Pix4D as the detail is not distinctive enough for the program to work out which detail go to which.

Here is the link to manually calibrate the camera

so is there any solution for my problems? if I calibrated my camera will it solve my problems sir? My processing area is palm oil plantation…so pix4d cannot process this kind of area?

Pix4D will have problems with this, perhaps the best way to process this is to fly higher and get a good overlap. Have you tried to calibrate the cameras manually?

Have a look here on page 39 where it suggests that you use a high tolerance for the point cloud densification for forest areas.…/Pix4D_Introduction_Guide.pdf

i am sorry sir but I cannot view the documents…can you please send again the documents…tq

The bit that was of interest is here: