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Can skewed photo angles hurt the alignment process?

I am trying to process some data from a DJI Inspire and the images were taken at about a 20 degree angle to the direction of travel, as in below: The left picture is what you think the photo alignment should look like, but the images we have were taken like the diagram on the right. Does Pix4D take this into account when it tries to align and match the photo pairs? The exif data from the Inspire has some other potential errors, such as the Omega fluctuating from 90 to 0 to -90 and back, throughout the images.

So, does Pix4D take this into account and could it be having issues because it tries to align images like the diagram on the left? Thanks!

Hi Jason,

Pix4D takes advantage of the orientation parameters only if they are very accurate. There is a special calibration method for that purpose. With DJI images, just run the project with the defaults settings. Pix4D will not use the orientation parameters to generate the 3D points. After running step 1. Initial Processing, you will see that the orientation is corrected by the software.