Can pix4D build image pyramid

Is there a way to let pix4D output an image pyramid in stead og TIFF-tiles ?


Hi @tibor.vari ,

Thank you for your questions.

Could you please provide an example of this image pyramid? Where would you like to apply this pyramid?

I am not sure if the multisacle option would be something you are looking for, What is multiscale option? - #2 by Daniele_Lecci
or create different sizes of orthomosaic.
How to reduce the Size of the Orthomosaic

Rosana (she/her)


I have tried to use them as a (background) map-layer in Geo Media Desktop from Hexagon AB.

It renders in my opinion the ortomosaic from pix4Dmapper even of modest size very slow.

PIX4D cannot build the pyramids for you. The closest may be the zoom levels on the google tiles. But you can always build the pyramids in GIS.