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Can ground control or registration be obtained from previous laser scan

Please, is it possible to create ground control from pre existing laser scan data?
Or, is it possible to register the orthomosaic output to existing laser scan data?

Thank you!

Yes it’s possible. Done so many times. Just pick up the coordinates from laser scan data and use those in Pix4D as GCP’s. You can use arbitrary coordinates or if the laser scan is georeferenced you can you local coordinate system

EDIT: I’ve also combined drone and laser scan together using coordinates picked up for laserscan data


Jaakko, thank you for your advice. I’ll do the project based on existing scan data rather than making the customer put down a bunch of surveyed targets for GC. This will be about 45 miles of roads, for as built documentation. They will be acquired with a cessna and Nikon D800 camera.