Cameras mirrored upwards and many uncalibrated cameras

Can anyone tell me what is happening here? This project is for a 350 acre section of redwood forest, and was flown using the minimum altitude given 200 plus foot tall trees in the area.

Can I do anything to improve this result?

The quality report is attached , I also have dozens and dozens more of these to do

1531_002_report.pdf (2.2 MB)

Fly at 400ft agl and increase your overlap. Is this PPK/RTK? Also try other calibration methods besides standard.

Andrew, indeed it is RTK, Can you tell me what calibration method you suggest?

I would try both of them: Alternative and Accurate Geolocation / Orientation. Also be sure to check Use Geometrically Verified Matching. If none of that helps, the only other option is to re-fly with different mission parameters. What was your flight height and overlap (forward/side)?

And there’s no point in moving to Steps 2 and 3 until you successfully complete Step 1.