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Camera Internal Parameters


I have flown with my Inspire 1 on plantations to 90 meters in height and with overlap of 85% (frontal) and 75% (sidelap).

In these last 8 flights, the quality report often alerts a difference of more than 5% between the internal parameters of my camera. On the last flight it was 9.8% with winds of 9 km / h

However, even after using the All Prior option to correct this problem (1.1%), the quality report has shown large ellipses in the “Computed Image / GCPs / Manual tie points positions” section.

In RayCloud I notice a significant difference between the green and yellow crosses (clicked by me) for MTPs in several images. Significant difference is also occurring with the blue crosses (GCPs) and the green ones causing yellow alertness in the section “Quality Check”

Is my DJI X5 camera in trouble? Any tips to fix this problem and increase project accuracy?


Hello Walter, 

It would be very good if you could share the Quality Report to be able to analyze better.

Thank you very much.

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Dear Daniel,

This is the Quality Report …

Thank you

Hello Walter,

Please apply the rolling shutter model to your camera and run the process again. I think that the result will improve.

You can find information on how to do in Pix4D here.

Additionally, this article explains in detail how it works.