camera angle correction

I am looking to find out whether the following is possible:

I am looking to correct 2D images distortions caused by the drone lens and camera angle, looking to image water surfaces as well; I only require a 2D output. would I still be limited by the selection of key-points on water surfaces as I do not require a 3D image to be created? in other words are these key-points required to only correct for image distortions?

many thanks,

Hi Raul, 

You can’t create the orthomosaic without keypoints matching, and it is required for the initial camera calibration process. 

Images that capture only water, cannot be calibrated (optimize the internal and external orientation of the camera). The reason is that it is very hard to find keypoints on water surfaces (water is very uniform). Even if keypoints are found, it is very hard to match them between images, as these points are not static (water moves).

Since the images that contain only water do not get calibrated, they do not contribute at all to the processing and can not be used to give color to the orthomosaic. Therefore, there might be holes (lack of information) in the orthomosaic on water surface areas.