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Black Rectangles in Orthomosaic..What's Happening!?

i found this black rectangles on my orthomosaic …even they not exist on photos, the iniale process is great …i don’t understand
I really apreciate your help.


Repport **

Hi @cilawif941,

Did you use the rolling shutter algorithm when processing? We assume that there is an issue when it comes to the combination of rolling shutter algorithm and moving objects in the scene, e.g. cars.

Can you try to process the project using the global shutter instead of the rolling shutter and let me know the results?

Thanks for replying
Can i change the model de the global shutter and re-optimize the project or i need to restart step 1 from scratch !

You can try changing the model in the Image properties editor and process only Step 3. DSM and Orthomosaic generation.

If that does not solve the issue, then we recommend reprocessing the project from scratch.


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