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Best way to modify BIM orthomosaic


I’m sharing construction sites to my clients through BIM - cloud service. 

I would like to edit orthomosaic, mainly crop the edge areas out of it so it would look a lot cleaner and more professional.

What is the best way?


There is not currently an option to edit the Orthomosaic via the Pix4D cloud directly.  You will need to download the project files to the Desktop, use the Pix4Dmapper desktop software Mosaic Editor and then upload the finished/revised Mosaic back to the cloud to be viewed by others.

How to download results from the cloud

Thank you Aaron. 

Is it best to mark new processing area and then just send it back to the cloud?

I would not want to process anything on my not-so-good-computer.

Hi Revi,

The processing area is reflected in the P4D file, so you would need to re-upload your P4D file and reprocess.  In the desktop version, you could define your Processing area and re export the orthomosaic, but this isn’t an option via the cloud, you will need to reprocess on the cloud.

Best Wishes,

Aaron Woods