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Best way to clean traffic

With all the remote working over the last year we have been trying to find faster ways to speed up our workflow. One thing I find very time consuming is cleaning vehicles from roadways when we are documenting accident scenes. Is there any faster way to clean traffic from photos before they are even processed? The Mosaic Editor is great, but I would like to cut the vehicles out so they arent even processed. When you have to clean upwards of 400 vehicles out of a scene it gets very tiresome.

Hi Jason,
I do not recommend cutting image content before processing as this can have a negative impact on the processing.
I am interested in knowing whether other community users have better ideas/workflows.
Have a great day!

The annotation tool has some potential, but the interface and workflow overall are terrible. It seem insane that there isn’t a way to produce 2d mask outside of pix4d manually or autonomous and import it to only use in stage 3 for projections.