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Best settings to use for rooftop surveying

I’m a complete noob and am wondering what is best for capture of roof 2d or 3D and how to process after. I know it’s a loaded question but I’m trying to see if pix4d will give me data my clients can use for rooftop surveys.

I use a mavic pro 2 and an inspire 2 with x5s camera.

Thanks in advance.


You can have a combination of the circular and the single grid mission for the image acquisition. For more information, I would suggest you to go through our support article on Types of mission / Which type of mission to choose.

To process the data, I would suggest to follow the steps explained in the below support article on Creating a Project.

I also found a video which might be useful to you.
Roof inspection with Pix4Dcapture


Thanks so much that helps.

Hi - I’m new to Pix4D and have a few questions related to roof inspections by drone:

What is the best mission to select for these?
What is the optimal height above a roof to set the mission at?
What Pix4D resources should I be focusing my attention on to become an expert in this field?

Thank you!

Hello @jake.m.swartz,

I would recommend you to go through the above post. I would also suggest you to go through the post created by @Veronica_Alonso on Liverpool Central Station roof inspection - Keith Wakeley - H&W Surveying and Consulting Ltd.


Thank you! I will check them out!