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Best Height for irregular stockpiles

I was wondering if anyone has any experience on what the best height would be for flying a large irregularly shaped stock pile. (68 acres). My goal is to fly the area. Create a surface. Then they will cap the pile with dirt and I will fly again. Create a new surface and check the volume between the two surfaces to see how much dirt they put down.

See the pic for the area I’m flying.

Hi Joshua. This looks like you could use DSM analysis to find the difference. The basic idea would be to create an accurate DSM before and after the addition of materials. You would definitely want to make sure you have good GCP placement around the area of interest. Then you can measure the difference in GIS. The volume tool in Pix4D is best suited for distinct stockpiles. Large irregular areas like this can be tricky.

I’m a professional surveyor by trade so I don’t have any issues getting control set or analyzing the surfaces. My question is what is the best height to fly at for a job like this. Is a higher GSD better for taller piles like this? Some of these seem to be about 60’ tall.