Best GPU

Will an RTX A5500 or RTX 4090 process faster?

Have a A5500 but thinking of buying a 4090 and selling the A5500 but not sure if there will be a significant gain in processing speed.

GPU doesn’t do much in Pix4DMapper. Save your money for CPU, memory, and fast storage.


Bought a new system with i9 14900K, 96GB DDR5 and 8TB NVME M.2 so guess I’ll keep the A5500.

Hi @terrass358,

Thank you for your message.

Please note that we can’t suggest a specific piece of hardware that we didn’t test internally.

Generic speaking, a good GPU is important for steps 1 and 2, but is not the only component used. Therefore, make sure you also have a good CPU, RAM and fast storage.

You can see how different components are used during different processing steps here:

here you can find other information about how PIX4Dmapper uses different components: