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Autonomous vertical mission

Hi pix4d,

I have to create a vertical facade plane of a building. Is there a possibility to take pictures in a defined overlap and distance from the building?
The surface of the building will be planar.
My operating drone is the mavic pro.

Perhaps this could be possible by integrating the horizontal and vertical VPS-cameras, due to too inaccurate GPS data (vertically) brought by DJI?

Hi Samuel,

Are you referring to the obstacle avoidance system when mentioning VPS-cameras? The obstacle avoidance is not operational during an autonomous flight, meaning when flying a grid, double grid, or circular mission with Pix4Dcapture. It is recommended to make sure the flight plan is defined in a clear area and high enough to avoid obstacles.

On the other hand, obstacle avoidance should be enabled during the free flight missions. 

As for the vertical surface, you will have to use the Free Flight mission. Images are captured given a space interval (vertical / horizontal distance), meaning the user does not need to trigger the camera shutter but has to manually control the drone. Flying with the app is not required to successfully process projects, but it aims at assisting our users to optimize their flight plans. This is the only option for now.

More here:


Yesterday, I just tried a Free Flight mission and tested obstacle avoidance did NOT work on my Phantom 4 Pro. 

I am flying a construction site that will be a high school pool and there are 4 large light poles (105 feel high each.)  It would be ideal if obstacle avoidance would work with a autonomous mission… but since it isn’t, I tried to Free Flight the areas on the sides of each poles manually and it worked well for processing. 

Are there any plans for support for obstacle a avoidance for the Phantom 4 Pro (front avoidance) for Autonomous Missions?

Thank you,



The obstacle avoidance during the free flight mission was not extensively tested from our side and any feedback on this topic is appreciated.

There are no short term plans to support it and I reported your request to our developers. At the moment make sure that you plan the mission in a clear area with no obstacles.