ATPs associated w/ 2 GCPs at the wrong altitude

There are 6 GCPs around a corn field. I entered the coordinates we recorded in the field for the GCPs and after processing 2 of the ATPs associated with the GCPs are at a lower altitude than the coordinates I entered, giving me poor georeferencing on my quality report.

Any ideas for fixing this? There are 3 GCPs in a row along a field edge, could that be causing error?

Attached is a quality report.

Thanks so much!

Gen3_062822_report.pdf (730.1 KB)

I looked at your quality report and I would suggest remarking some of your GCPs. You want to have your reprojection error under 1. In addition, I would recommend marking 10-15 images per GCP. You will only want to mark the very best images at the highest zoom possible. Try this and reprocess.

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